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How I spent my time today

January 13th, 2010 · 1 Comment · knitting

A couple of months ago, I discovered the CraftyPod podcast, which is hosted by Diane Gilleland.  I love her podcast and admire what she’s doing in the world of craft.  I also appreciate her great insight and suggestions for those of us making our living by making things with our hands.  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that lots of Diane’s tweets were about a Twitter meetup planned for today called #craftsocial.  I was totally intrigued but a bit intimidated because I’m a total Twitter amateur, and I also have heaps of work to do on this blog.  I’m very glad that I just decided to woman up and jump in because IT.WAS.A.BLAST!

If you’re at all interested in crafting (which is quite a broad definition, by the way), here’s what you missed:

A Snapshot from the Craft Social from Diane Gilleland on Vimeo.

I hope that even more folks will join in next month.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also spent two hours tonight at Mallow Run Winery knit night.  I met some new friends and had a great time!  If you’re a knitter in Central Indiana, I hope that you’ll come next time– Wednesday, January 27, 6:30-8:30 pm.

Clearly, today was a really terrific day.  And tomorrow morning, I’m headed to Waycross (the place where I first had the time and silence to start thinking critically about how I should be spending my time) to help with the planning of the crafting retreat that will be held there March 7-9.  More details soon!


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  • Sister Diane

    I’m so glad you decided to join us! It really was an amazing explosion of crafty. And what’s really wild is, as much as I thought I knew a lot of crafty people online, the Social introduced me to about a hundred more I didn’t know. The cross-pollination of ideas was totally wonderful. Can’t wait for next month!

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