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About Wool’s Happenin’

Welcome to Wool’s Happenin’, the online journal of my adventures in caring for cats, rug hooking, cooking, and updating our home, which was built in 1991.  My name is Jill Carnell, and I live outside of Mooresville, Indiana.  I left my career as a lawyer in December 2009 to focus on my business, and in May 2010, I opened a yarn, rug hooking, and basket weaving shop in my hometown of Greenwood, Indiana.  In October 2012, I was offered a great opportunity to go back into practice full time and couldn’t pass it up.  I’ve since sold my interest in the shop to my business partner, so now all of my projects are purely for enjoyment.

I am lucky to have a great partner, my husband Mark.  He’s my biggest fan, the voice of reason, and a patient webmaster.  I call him Boo Boo because he’s my loyal friend, like the best bear sidekick of all time.  He’s glad we’ve moved to the country because he now has a bigger garage to work on cars.  His current project’s a 1989 Mustang 5.0.  It’s a convertible, and we love to go for drives when the weather’s nice.

I am also lucky to have a step-son, lovingly referred to as Pman and formerly the Bitty Boo.  (He’s not so bitty anymore.)  He is a constant source of entertainment, and there is always something to learn in the realm of parenthood.  He’s in tenth grade, loves everything outdoors, and very recently got his driver’s license.  He loves to take photos and edit them for this blog.

In addition, we share our lives with lots of cats.  I never expected to care for so many, but if I’ve learned anything about cats, it’s that several are just as easy as one.  Boo lovingly refers to our home as Jill’s No-Kill Cat Shelter.  I prefer “Das Katzenheim,” which is German for “cat home.”  Either is a fairly accurate description because all of our guys were hobos when we first met them.  We support the Morgan County Humane Society’s Community Cat Program as well as the FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic in Indianapolis and their Community Cat Program, IndyFeral.

I appreciate you taking time to stop by Wool’s Happenin’, and I’m looking forward to learning and sharing together.

xoxo, Jill

P.S. Content and opinions posted on this blog are my own and in no way reflect on my employer.

Birthday cake baked by my awesome SIL, Lexa.


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  • Luna Ortiz

    Hi Jill

    What a great Bio….I feel like I know you now. So nice! Your family sounds great and loving. It is wonderful to be so blessed.

    Best wishes as you move forward with your new business venture. It is in many ways a bit like my own. If there is ever anything I can help you with in the wool and sheep area or anything else, please let me know. You are actually not that far from me in Kentucky. I often take road trips up toward Indianapolis in search of antiques and fiber festivals.

    Go for it!


  • Cheryl

    Jill, I had a great first vist to your shop! I am excited to have a shop so close to home. I also enjoyed seeing you and hearing of you successes. Southwest was many days ago for both of us. Best Wishes and you step out in this new adventure. I am sure God will Bless You!


  • Bette Carnell Klann

    Jill, I just had to write when I saw your last name. As you can see, it is my maiden name. Since you live in Indy, stop by the Ben Franklin/Ace Hardware in Mitchell, In some time. My brother, Sam Carnell owns the store and his daughter and son-in-law, Suzanne and Marvin Patton, manage it. Best of luck with your website. Do you also have a storefront?

  • Cara Ditto

    I found some of your patterns for monogramed dishcloths on your site, but could not pull up the “S”. Are they all available online? If so, how do I access the S.


  • Warren St Clair

    I just wanted to thank you for the dishcloth alphabet. I have been looking for ages for something like that. I made my first one, it was not as difficult as I expected.


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